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RECYCLING  It is important to plan effectively to prevent wastage on your project.  Estimates in the building trade suggest that inaccurate planning often leads to at least 20% wastage of materials on a building project.  If everyone involved in the project, including the architect and builder double-checked their list of materials before purchase and delivery, a lot of this wastage would be eliminated.


Many materials including wood, metal and electrical components should be responsibly re-cycled in accordance with the Government regulations and hazardous materials such as asbestos must be disposed of by approved personnel.  We guarantee to meet all the legal requirements.


All the materials we recycle are of benefit to our society and our clients will not incur any extra charges - and in fact by being responsible we can very often save you money on your project costs.
Recycling Building Materials RECYCLING

Protecting the environment for the sake of our children.

Construction material is one of the most under-reported waste streams in the UK and according to London Waste and Recycling Board chairman James Cleverly, 9.7 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste were produced last year in London alone.

"Around half of this was recycled but there is still much more we need to do to tackle the rest which largely ends up dumped in landfill sites. " he added.  (May 2010)

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