2 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

Each year trends emerge in all or most of the things that exist between the construction and design, so in this 2019 it is expected that many designers from around the world develop new trends in the world of kitchen and bathroom design, all this will happen with the application of a lot of technology and the realization of minimalist designs throughout the house, so we would try to unite the two tendencies into one.

If you are planning to make refractions in your bathrooms or in your kitchen you should take into account when making them, among them the new trends to be applied in the coming year 2019, some of these are:

The Cabinets And the Colors

The kitchen cabinets are current trends but not in metal materials, currently they are used more in wood and brown tones, so the following year the trend, in this case, will be with metallic and vibrant tones so people will have to go saving money for next year.

The trendy colors will be gray, blue, light blue, silver, green, and white. Kitchen appliances will also be of the colors already mentioned.


The bathrooms will have the highest technology in all its things, mainly the bathroom with LED lighting system, with adjustable colors according to the mood of the person, the sink will have proximity sensor which means that by placing the hands under the tap the water will come out by itself.

Also, the toilet will have commands for different actions such as a cleaning jet, temperature controller in the seat and many more actions. Some showers will have a bathtub included, hydro massages and in very exclusive cases they will have music.

There will be many trends in this topic but these two are the most important and those that more must be taken into account, for your next construction in 2019. Trust us. We’ll be applying some of them in future projects.

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