4 Tips to Follow When Fixing a Leaking Roof

The main cause of leaks is an incorrect waterproofing in the roof so, when the leaks reach the interior it is because the outside part has already been affected. Repairing leaks is quite simple and it takes only a few minutes, we will let you know some regular roof leaks and some tips to solve them in a moment.

Notice The First Signs

If you notice some moisture stains it is probably a leak on your ceiling or wall, this is pretty common and easy to be solved, putting a lack of crack filler in the hole is enough.

The plumbing ventilation boots can be made of plastic and the plastic deteriorates over time, this is one of the causes of roof leakage. Examine the rubber sleeve that surrounds the tube, which can break down or tear, allowing water to go into the house. With any of these problems, you must buy a new ventilation boot to replace the old one.

Recognize The Causes

Another cause is rain driven by the wind that comes from above the roof, especially around the windows, between the boards of the corners and the coverings.

There can also be complex problems with the roof, such as a construction error that leaves a drop in the surface of the roof leaving puddles of water to form after a rain

You can achieve a professional seal by following these tips:

Clean The Surface

Before applying any kind of product you must clean the roof removing all dust, sand, cement, and fungus or oils residues. This should be done with a pressurized water hose.

Apply Crack Filler With A Brush Or Spatula

Mix the sealant with a circular movement from the bottom up. Apply using airless machine, spray or brushes for small areas and corners.

When you are going to change a ventilation window you will have to work without neighboring tiles on both sides. If you don’t have additional tiles, be careful when removing tiles to be able to reuse them.

Do Not Ignore A Slight Humidity Because It Could Become Something Bigger

Putting high-quality putty around the frames of windows and doors is a good option to prevent filtration on rainy days.

A very useful tip, if you do not want to spend money on new parts or pay for a specialist is that if your roof is made with tiles and there is a leak you can rearrange the tile so the water does not have a place to go in again.

Check The Tiles

If the leak takes place in your bathroom remove the tile immediately to treat it and solve it as soon as possible.

Do not place plaster or any kind of decoration in the affected area since this is susceptible to another inconvenience and could damage your decoration.

You should be aware of any leak in your house to prevent worse issues, keep checking your roof each some time. And finally keep in mind these tips at the moment of fixing your ceiling, wall, or another part of your house, they are useful and they for sure,are worthy!

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