How Should a Mole Infestation Be Dealt With?

Although moles don’t have ill intent, their presence can have a series of ramifications, which can be why so many people rely on mole eradication services in Edinburgh.

Moles are creatures that live beneath the surface and will often burrow to find insects, grubs and larvae to feed on. Moles need to ingest half of the bodyweight daily to be able to survive, which helps explain the busy nature of moles.

The Problems Associated with a Mole Infestation

The reason why so many people must employ the services of a professional pest control company in relation to moles is that the damage that can be incurred outside.

Moles can dig up to four metres an hour, and the longer they’re left the more damage that will be incurred.

As well as creating problems below the surface, the onset of moles can also lead to a series of unsightly mounds on the surface.

Knowing How to Spot a Mole Infestation

The most common sign of a mole infestation is the appearance of tunnels and mounds, but there are other signs that could show moles are nearby.

As well as the appearance of mounds, there can also be times when soft areas appear, which are caused by the tunnelling of moles beneath the surface.

In short, if there are any abnormalities or unusual ridges notice, then it’s advisable to call in a pest control professional as soon as possible.

Will Moles Enter the Property?

As moles are only hunting insect, their chose location is beneath the surface, and will never enter the home. Although this may be a relief to some, it’s still important to deal with the infestation as soon as possible.

Some may assume that moles will go away on their own, but this will only happen when there is a shortage of insects.

Is There Any Way to Deter a Mole Infestation?

Unlike other forms of pest control, the onset of a mole infestation can’t really be avoided. There are some old wives’ tales that state that growing plants like caper surge can help keep moles at bay, but there really is no evidence that this works.

The fact of the matter is that moles will go where the food is, and unless the property is free of soil there is little that can be done to stop their arrival.

However, knowing the signs of a mole infestation ensures that professional help can be sought in the first instance to ensure that the damage caused by moles is minimised.

Can I Deal with the Mole Infestation Myself?

When it comes to a pest infestation, there are those that would prefer to deal with the issue themselves.

When contending with a mole infestation, it can be more complex than other forms of pest control because of the complex tunnelling methods moles use.

There are humane traps available, as well as apparatus that emits a noise that helps deter moles.

However, those that are noticing mounds and ridges often find that they mole infestation is already severe, so to be fully confident that mole infestations are dealt with in the right way, a professional service should be sought for a quick resolution.

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