Our Clients

In this section you can find different samples of our jobs and clients who have been satisfied with our results, because they have been expected by them and their families, you will also find other smaller companies that hired our services as extra help to the services that they mainly give, and here’s a small record of everything previously mentioned:

Sushi Bar Station

sushi - Our Clients

This company requested our advice for the remodeling of the place that before had other owners, needed to place new decorations, furniture, electricity, water intakes, repair of windows and doors, paint, etc.

So, through our branch and other small companies which intervened in the realization of this work in which we achieved an incredible result and demonstrated our quality.

States Coffee

coffee - Our Clients

It is another site that I need our advice and the construction of a new site, we found an empty lot in which the owners wanted a new construction, with technology and modern, so we went to work and began the process of enlistment of the ground and with the work of plans to build the structure.

The construction lasted approximately one month, to then put the basic services to the premises such as electricity, water and the internet, finally we placed the decoration related to the theme of the place and we achieved a resounding success in the construction of it, because its owners and visitors were shocked by the final result of the place. All this work was done by our workers.


restaurant - Our Clients

Place of food for which we were contacted to perform certain refractions in your kitchen area and at the entrance, they wanted a completely minimalist design, so in addition to all the above, we offered some decorations adapted to the theme, so the work It was incredible.


street table - Our Clients

A foreign coffee was in charge of calling us in this opportunity, here, in this case, we used one of our branches in charge in another country, the company required a total remodeling, so we acquired new furniture and new paintings, which made the environment had a new style and would increase its sales by its relaunch.

These and many more sites and individuals recommend us as one of the best remodeling companies in the region, so you should try our incredible services.