Who We Are

Highview Builders is a project directed by Mr. Alexander Coles, in charge of the direction of many projects of renovation and remodeling of houses around the country. Always maintaining our highest standard of quality, the team of workers that we have is a 100% qualified team for the job, and they all go through a selection process so that our jobs are the best in the market.

All started with the need of a company in the area with the necessary characteristics in the market of construction and remodeling, Mr. Alexander Coles, as an architect with knowledge of the subject, met a team of architects friends who created a small company 15 years ago, in charge of small works of repairs in homes.

And little by little the company was growing and during these 15 years it has reached a great level, positioning itself as a powerhouse of the construction in the region, creating more branches with many more employees.

Repairs, construction, and maintenance of houses in different areas are very important, because if they are not carried out periodically, the structures of the houses begin to deteriorate and there is a risk of even collapsing in the most extreme case.

That’s why we are always aware of each call from our customers to go quickly to the site and evaluate any risk that your construction may have, because we attend any problem related to the repair of anything related to masonry.

We are always attentive so if you have a problem of construction or remodeling, you can communicate with us, since we are a team with more than 15 years of experience and we are 100% qualified with all the necessary permits to carry out these works.